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Since the age of 8, I've traversed the path of a musician, starting in Venezuela's National Orchestra. Despite my family's move to California, my love for music endured. In Colombia, I earned a bachelor's degree and ventured into Human Management. Administering the Envigado Symphony Orchestra, I honed my skills before relocating to Rhode Island. As a violinist in the Warwick Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Katherine Gagnon, I overcame language barriers, emphasizing that "music is a universal language." These experiences inspire my next chapter as a soloist and entrepreneur, envisioning a business showcasing musical talent at diverse social events. Each note reflects my unwavering passion.




I also started a Duo with a guitar player Eri Martínez he studied music in Cuba focused in classic music in his earlier years, passionate about folklore music from his country he switched to popular music exploring all the rhythms such as jazz, country, bossanova, felling, bolero, son etc, our format is simple but with no limitations on our passion and workship combining the violin strings with the guitar rhythm. This musical concept take our work to another level, enjoyable and unique style, it have been a pleasure working and growing as musicians together.  

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